Shadow Days music video - directed by Philip Andelman

To run my fingers through your hair, Tell you everything’s ok, You can’t forget the past, But the past can’t remember your name. You know the guy that you can be, make him a reality And then my shadow days would be over…


One of the kiddo’s favorite songs from They Might Be Giants’ Here Comes Science — after Meet the Elements, of course — here comes What is a Shooting Star? (Hint: A shooting star is not a star, it’s not a star at all. A shooting star’s a meteor that’s heading for a fall…)



Pre-order Born and Raised on iTunes and preview clips of the the album now… Kind of cool that the clips start at the beginning of each song. I never really know where I’m being dropped in when I listen to previews… “Fool to Love You” is an iTunes exclusive. Hope you like what you hear.



Nine year old Caine Monroy made a super-detailed cardboard arcade in his dad’s used auto part store. His first customer happened to be filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, who was inspired by Caine’s inventiveness and decided to get Caine a flashmob of customers one Sunday. This is a film about that day.

We loved this video immediately. And when the video ends, it’s always good when my kid says, “I want to see it again.” If you’re inspired by Caine and his cardboard arcade, too, you can follow @cainesarcade on Twitter and visit to donate to his college fund (which is happily climbing)!!

via @Veronica.

Other kids makin’ it happen: Audri and his Rube Goldberg Machine, and Milah and Korben sing Depeche Mode with their dad.


Nothing gets you moving quite like boogie woogie and the Andrews Sisters were brilliant at it. Here they are in a 1941 clip from Abbott and Costello’s Buck Privates. (Loved having both kids dancing around the living room to this!)